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Savannah Georgia by swampzoid
Savannah Georgia, a photo by swampzoid on Flickr.

Community garden in Savannah

Local TV news report on a community garden on Savannah’s MLK:

The garden started in the 90s and since then it’s gone through several transformations but through it all one thing has remained and that’s that anybody is welcome.

“It’s really open to anyone who is interested in putting some seeds in the ground and nurturing those plants along and partaking in the harvest,” explains Gardener Barbara Eaton.

Eaton loves spending time in the Martin Luther King Boulevard garden.

“I saw the archway and the fence and plants and plants growing so I was immediately attracted to it,” explains Eaton.

She’s also gotten teenagers from the Metropolitan Community involved… it’s not a glamorous job but the area kids enjoy it.

More, including video, here.

Odd squabble around community garden in Savannah

Community group tries to clean up space on Savannah’s MLK; owner writes local paper complaining.


In any case this article ends (and this one) with suggestion that perhaps there will be progress after all. Savannah volunteers can contact: The Root Down Community G(art)den at


Ice Cream, originally uploaded by R. Walker.

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At River Street


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In Savannah, GA.