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Discovering the art of Lester Carey on MLK (and elsewhere)

artist lester carey, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

“On a neighborhood tour with lester and chris,” says the caption. Lester, pictured, is Lester Carey, a sign painter and artist whose work turns out to be all over New Orleans (including the city’s MLK).  If you’ve spent any time there with your eyes open, you’ve probably seen his work.

Here he is in front of the Project Food Store. Here is how the Project Food Store looked in 2003. Here it is in October 2005. And here it is in April 2009.

Below are a couple of other shots anthonyturducken added to the MLK BLVD pool, some lettering on the Safe Way Store (seen here in October 2005; here it is more recently — unfortunately, Carey’s work has been painted over). But there many examples of more fully realized works as well as hand-lettering, from all around town, in this pool: The Society To Preserve The Art of Lester Carey. (Can’t resist saying: This is a great one.) Highly recommended.

Also, anthonyturducken‘s set MLK  in central city has a number of other nice and interesting images that are worth checking out.

Very pleased to have this addition to the pool, and to learn about Lester Carey. Hoping, in fact, to learn more…

safeway supermarket, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

safeway supermarket, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

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Missing the D, originally uploaded by Kieran K..

One of several nice MLK images from this Austin 3.2009 set.