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“The Shop:” Winnfield, LA

the shop on MLK by anthonyturducken
the shop on MLK, a photo by anthonyturducken on Flickr.


-MLK Jr. March by vanherdehaage
-MLK Jr. March, a photo by vanherdehaage on Flickr.

On MLK Jr. Blvd, naturally.

New Orleans

central city market by anthonyturducken
central city market, a photo by anthonyturducken on Flickr.


Lubbock, TX by Zachary Koontz
Lubbock, TX, a photo by Zachary Koontz on Flickr.
This is from September. Caption: “We got about an inch of rain over the past two days, causing quite a mess.”

L.A. journey

The Two American Legends by aaronkaiser
The Two American Legends, a photo by aaronkaiser on Flickr.
Maybe the most interesting MLK BLVD happening of 2012 was the journey of the space shuttle through L.A. — where many people took great pictures of it, and related events, along the city’s MLK. This post offers a selection by a number of photographers.
Space Shuttle Endeavour by RoyceFH
Space Shuttle Endeavour, a photo by RoyceFH on Flickr.
this kid was adorable by pinguino
this kid was adorable, a photo by pinguino on Flickr.
ShuttleEndeavour_370 by pazroberto
ShuttleEndeavour_370, a photo by pazroberto on Flickr.
IMG_3454 by jamesandtim
IMG_3454, a photo by jamesandtim on Flickr.

St. Louis Architectural Iron Co by pasa47
St. Louis Architectural Iron Co, a photo by pasa47 on Flickr.
Lots of great stuff in this set, MLK in Hamilton Heights/Wells Goodfellow
Spraggins Lounge by pasa47
Spraggins Lounge, a photo by pasa47 on Flickr.
AB Hardware by pasa47
AB Hardware, a photo by pasa47 on Flickr.
NP 1906 by pasa47
NP 1906, a photo by pasa47 on Flickr.
Alderman Jay Ozier by pasa47
Alderman Jay Ozier, a photo by pasa47 on Flickr.


Rainier & MLK by Dougerino
Rainier & MLK, a photo by Dougerino on Flickr.

Stop (Pontiac)

Hurricane Sandy aftermath in Cleveland

On Cleveland’s MLK Drive, from October 30, 2012.