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Teardown opposition in New Orleans

Originally uploaded by wild yeast culture.

“Stop the Demolition Coalition Rally, New Orleans, LA,” says the caption on this image from that city’s MLK Blvd. The teardown of public housing in New Orleans was already a controversial issue before Katrina, and the rapid acceleration of teardowns since the storm has made the controversy that much more intense. BW Cooper, better known locally by its old name, Calliope, was among the larger projects in New Orleans, and probably most famous as the place where Master P grew up.

An earlier image of Calliope taken about six weeks after Katrina is here.

tempey also contributes the images below, and a few more in the MLK BLVD pool. The curious Statue of Liberty tableaux on MLK has appeared in the pool before — here (before Katrina) and here (after).

BW Cooper, originally uploaded by tempey.

Liberty, originally uploaded by tempey.

Family Hair

family hair care in hattiesburg, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

Cheryl Coward of Austin, TX, has a great set of images from that city, here. The above from the MLK in Hattiesburg, MS.


Originally uploaded by tjcastl.

“Crossing guard on MLK Blvd. in Baltimore.” Nice shot. More of jgcastl’s Flickr work here — see especially the Baltimore B&W set.