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San Antonio

old school, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

Another excellent contribution from _cheryl.

San Antonio scenes

Turtle and Puppies, originally uploaded by keli1974.

“It was Sunday afternoon on Martin Luther King Drive, and two adult pit bulls chained to tires were in the front yard guarding their puppies and owners. It took a while for the dogs to settle down and let me get close enough to make pictures. The woman in the center getting her hair braided is Turtle. ‘Because I look like one. And my favorite movie is Finding Nemo. You remember that surfer, Turtle?’ she asked.”

So writes Keli Dailey, in the caption to this image from 2005, part of an exploration of streets named for Martin Luther King. A Flickr set of images from that project is here, and highly recommended.

In addition, Dailey wrote about “the uneasiest street in America” for the San Francisco Chronicle, while a student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. That article is here, and its multimedia supplement here. Also recommended. Here is a short quote:

What keeps me going back is the streets’ amazing consistency. Damn near every MLK feels the same. The streets stretch across 39 states, through hundreds of cities and towns that normally lure visitors with their unique architecture and food — but never to an MLK, which can almost be guaranteed to have umpteen hair salons and barbershops, the requisite corner markets with overpriced milk and underpriced malt liquor, and public housing worn and bursting at the seams.

Two more of Dailey’s images from San Antonio below. More soon from other cities.

Watching the MLK March, originally uploaded by keli1974.

“I grew up near this house on Martin Luther King. The city hosts the largest Martin Luther King Day march/parade in the country, which these men, an ex-convict and a preacher, watch pass by.”

Quincy, originally uploaded by keli1974.

“A house off Martin Luther King, where four grandchildren (Quincy, 3, the baby, pictured here) are largely cared for by their grandmother.”

San Antonio

Dorie Miller Center right wall in San Antonio Panoramic, originally uploaded by crowt59.


Contributor Terry Shuck, whose images of Dallas’s MLK can be found here, returns with shots of the MLK in San Antonio. Click through to the Flickr image of the above photo and choose the larger size option to see the names details.

Girls and Boys Club on MLK San Antonio, originally uploaded by crowt59.