Monthly Archives: December 2008

Waco, TX

Jazz, originally uploaded by Fayster.

From the set, Shots Around Waco.


The caption: “Located at 5930 Martin Luther King Drive in the Wellston Loop commerical district, the Wellston J.C. Penney (actually in the city of St. Louis) was built in 1948 and designed by William McMahon in the International Style. St. Louis city once had another International Style neighborhood department store, but that store (a Famous Barr) was wrecked in 1994.”

Part of  a set of shots of the building.

In Austin

Rabbits are Back!, originally uploaded by giamarie.

“Signage on MLK in Austin, Texas.”

Great shot.

Two from Portland

Call it, friend-o!, originally uploaded by allaboutgeorge.

Above from allaboutgeorge. Below from skomra.

.6430, originally uploaded by skomra.