Monthly Archives: October 2008

Two from Chicago …

King Dr near Green Line, originally uploaded by mister_scantastic.

… by two different photographers.

Above: “Handpainted sign, much larger than shown.”

Below: “On King Drive, Chicago.”

Bench, originally uploaded by mister_scantastic.

Ft. Lauderdale

midnight at the oasis, originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

One of several nice additions from a nameless yeast.

Presumably from the same flea market above. Click through to read notes on photo. Click here to “View large.”

Caption here: “Of all the rough-looking characters who saw me taking pictures in this Flea Market (read: knockoffs and probably stolen goods), it was a little Asian woman who chased after us around the corner and scolded me, “I no like you taking picture of my store!” I showed her this photo and tried to explain, “I like Mr. T !” She stared incomprehendingly, as most would. “I won’t do it anymore,” I promised, and I’ve kept that promise. I am a nameless yeast and I approve this message.”

And finally, this shot is just so very pleasing:

flea market, originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

Close reading in Portland

.defaced, originally uploaded by skomra.

skomra explains: “A poster posts up these photos of people and then defaces them, a fairly straightforward message of erasure. The interesting part, though, is the use of tags or keywords at the bottom of the photo. Some of that erasure is aimed at keyword based image retrieval.”

Click through to read the Flickr hover-note that details the tags. Interesting!


mlk and holmes, originally uploaded by beatneck.

At River Street