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6×9 revival2 4.jpg, originally uploaded by blitzcat.

These images arrived in the MLK BLVD Flickr pool over the weekend, and they surely stand out. The photographer, blitzcat (Matt), says:

These were taken at the corner of MLK and Douglas Street in Greensboro, NC. When I came into my neighborhood on a rainy weeknight, the tent was up, so I grabbed my meter, 6×9 camera and monopod and walked back to the tent. The people were curious as I set up, but I smiled back at everyone and they kept on singing and testifying. After I took a few frames, I sat in until they finished for the night. The revival went on for two weeks, and I think it was Shiloh Baptist Church here in Greensboro.

More of his images from the revival are here; his Flickr stream here; and his Livejournal photo blog here.

6×9 revival2 5.jpg, originally uploaded by blitzcat.


Concerned neighbor, watching a fire

MLK Boulevard: Concerned neighbor watching a fire, originally uploaded by Postcards from North St. Louis.

Postcards from North St. Louis contributes this interesting scene:

I was a little worried this might reinforce stereotypes of the North Side, but then again I want to tell the part of the story that doesn’t get told about my side of town.

Sure, I see fires and other things like that, but the television news doesn’t tend to tell you about the way that the community pulls together up here. Some of my neighbors in ONSL recently suffered a fire that gutted their home, and neighbors have been feeding them, helping rehab their house, and providing all measure of other support. I think that’s the part of the story that people need to hear more about. Yes, we do actually care about our neighborhoods up here. If this man didn’t care, he’d be inside watching TV. He was not the only person I saw watching the scene that night.

Scenes from a North Carolina Expressway

horse, originally uploaded by Made in Mississippi.

Artist, photographer, and oral historian Amy Evans contributes these images from the MLK Jr. Expressway (Highway 70) near Goldsboro, North Carolina. According to the Southern Foodways site: “she visited with Ed Mitchell in Wilson and Wilbur Shirley of Wilbur’s BBQ in Goldsboro, listening to their tales of wood, smoke, and sauce. And, of course, whole hogs. Look for their oral histories to appear on the Southern BBQ Trail later this fall.”

See Ms. Evans’ MLK Blvd set here, and her North Carolina set here.

produce stand, originally uploaded by Made in Mississippi.

produce stand signs, originally uploaded by Made in Mississippi.


Development in Panama City

The News Herald of Panama City, FL, says: “City officials hope new MLK business will start a trend.”

Fried chicken, greens, ribs, peas, macaroni and cheese and chocolate cake were on the menu at Big Jr.’s House of Soul on Thursday.


The week-old restaurant at 806 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. already has attracted a sizable lunch rush. Inside, paintings of black musicians hang on the walls. Outside, a freshly painted patio will probably be a popular feature when cooler weather moves in. Continue reading


MLK Food Store at dusk, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

Following Cheryl Coward‘s images of Dallas’s MLK, a couple from Austin, TX. Here’s her Austin set.

king’s beauty mart at night, originally uploaded by _cheryl.


12th & MLK: A merger

Covington, KY, which is just over the Ohio River from Cincinnati, is adding an MLK Blvd. Instead of renaming, the town is simply adding on to an existing street name: “12th Street Martin Luther King Boulevard” will apparently be the full, and somewhat unwieldy, new name. “It is still unclear,” the Cincinnati Post adds, “whether the two names will be on the same sign or separate ones, as well as which name will be featured more prominently.” Continue reading

South Dallas, One Dollar

So Jah Say!, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

This set of images from Dallas, by _cheryl, includes a couple of shots from the MLK there (above and below). Interestingly, most of the shots, including these two, were taken with a camera that cost one dollar! Pretty cool. More of Cheryl Coward’s Flickr photos here, and photoblog/web site here.



black forest theater, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

Caption info: “the renovated black forest theater. owned by erykah badu. 1920 mlk. jr. blvd, south dallas, tx. taken with the dollarama camera that cost a loonie.”