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Ft. Lauderdale

midnight at the oasis, originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.

One of several nice additions from a nameless yeast.

Presumably from the same flea market above. Click through to read notes on photo. Click here to “View large.”

Caption here: “Of all the rough-looking characters who saw me taking pictures in this Flea Market (read: knockoffs and probably stolen goods), it was a little Asian woman who chased after us around the corner and scolded me, “I no like you taking picture of my store!” I showed her this photo and tried to explain, “I like Mr. T !” She stared incomprehendingly, as most would. “I won’t do it anymore,” I promised, and I’ve kept that promise. I am a nameless yeast and I approve this message.”

And finally, this shot is just so very pleasing:

flea market, originally uploaded by a nameless yeast.