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Dallas Sign

The building’s long gone, but the sign still stands! On MLK Boulevard, just west of I-45.


Until now, this has been one of those “I always see this sign from the freeway, but never stop there” places. So, now, I finally can say I’ve stopped at the historic Forest Theater in south Dallas. From what I read, the theater opened in 1947 here at 1920 Martin Luther King Boulevard. In recent years — from 2003 until 2008 (or 2009 maybe?) — singer Erykah Badu leased the building, calling it the “Black Forest Theater,” striving to operate a community center out of it; Dallas Observer stories praise Ms. Badu’s efforts to revitalize the area, but apparently the cost of keeping the theater’s doors open became too much for her to bear. The building’s currently for lease. (Note: I realize that taking photos upward into the midday sun is not ideal, but the middle of the day is when I stopped by the theater!)

Missing Dallas has been running a series called 50 Things I Miss About Dallas. A recent entry begins:

There was this bookstore on MLK, I think next to Elaine’s Kitchen, with a heavy Nation of Islam focus. I drove out one afternoon, walked in, browsed awkwardly, then turned to the two Nation guys sitting at a squat table in the middle of the store, benignly ignoring me like priests ignore tourists at Notre Dame. I said, “Hey, so this is kind of random, but I want to write for magazines, and I don’t have any writing clips. I was wondering if maybe we could sit around and bullshit for a while, and then I could write about it.”

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Development (or not) in Dallas

Dallas Observer checks up on the MLK Blvd Business Facade / Revitalization Program in that city and finds that it doesn’t exist. [Item uses an image culled from this site (and properly credited) — kinda cool.]


black forest theatre, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

“1920 mlk jr. blvd., dallas, texas,” notes _cheryl, who has contributed earlier nice images from Dallas — and Austin, too.

South Dallas, One Dollar

So Jah Say!, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

This set of images from Dallas, by _cheryl, includes a couple of shots from the MLK there (above and below). Interestingly, most of the shots, including these two, were taken with a camera that cost one dollar! Pretty cool. More of Cheryl Coward’s Flickr photos here, and photoblog/web site here.



black forest theater, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

Caption info: “the renovated black forest theater. owned by erykah badu. 1920 mlk. jr. blvd, south dallas, tx. taken with the dollarama camera that cost a loonie.”


More from Dallas

Sportsman Club 1632 MLK, Dallas, Texas, originally uploaded by crowt59.

Terry Shuck recently contributed an excellent new batch of photos taken on the MLK in Dallas. More after the jump.

Sign on MLK, Dallas, Texas address 1628, originally uploaded by crowt59.

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