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Stately Chicago

MLK MCM, originally uploaded by repowers.

Above and below, from the set, Chicago: Near South Side.

Graystone row houses, originally uploaded by repowers.



42nd and King Drive, originally uploaded by repowers.

Touring Chicago’s “Bronzeville”

bronzeville mural, originally uploaded by sassnasty.

“On mlk drive,” notes the caption of this image, from a set called Bronzeville Hoods Jan 16 2010, which documents a walking tour through a section of Chicago, Bronzeville, that encompasses a section of that city’s MLK.

a chicken. and a waffle. , originally uploaded by sassnasty.

Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles.

At 26th & MLK. The caption notes: “He’s covered in shoe soles. not feathers.”

Two from Chicago …

King Dr near Green Line, originally uploaded by mister_scantastic.

… by two different photographers.

Above: “Handpainted sign, much larger than shown.”

Below: “On King Drive, Chicago.”

Bench, originally uploaded by mister_scantastic.

Hotel, once grand

Hotel not so Grand, originally uploaded by Cody Pomeroy.

Cody Pomeroy contributes these images from MLK and 51st, in Chicago.

Once Grand, originally uploaded by Cody Pomeroy.

From behind, originally uploaded by Cody Pomeroy.

The caption on this one: “I was listening to a story about Abraham Lincoln’s summer cottage while driving around this.”


Next Door…,” originally uploaded by in2jazz.

“I am not sure if this record store is still open,” says in2jazz, “but it is located next door to Alderman Tillman’s office on King Drive.”

Check out his photos, his set, “Show Me A Sign,” and his blog.