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Golda Meir School, originally uploaded by JWEral.

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Community garden in Savannah

Local TV news report on a community garden on Savannah’s MLK:

The garden started in the 90s and since then it’s gone through several transformations but through it all one thing has remained and that’s that anybody is welcome.

“It’s really open to anyone who is interested in putting some seeds in the ground and nurturing those plants along and partaking in the harvest,” explains Gardener Barbara Eaton.

Eaton loves spending time in the Martin Luther King Boulevard garden.

“I saw the archway and the fence and plants and plants growing so I was immediately attracted to it,” explains Eaton.

She’s also gotten teenagers from the Metropolitan Community involved… it’s not a glamorous job but the area kids enjoy it.

More, including video, here.

Portland detail

MLK_Pole_506, originally uploaded by Scott..?.

Stories of a Seattle corner

The fascinating story of this location is recounted in Rob Ketcherside’s Re:Take column, on Seattlest, and gives an even fuller account on the image’s Flickr page. The building evidently dates to 1927 and “has housed many sad stories, but has a sign of hope.” Here is how it looked in 1957. In 2007 the building caught fire, but “good samaratins saved two people,” from the blaze. “And now, a sign of hope in the fight against cancer graces the building.”

Check those links for the full details. What a cool column!

Oakland “Maze”

MLK Oakland, originally uploaded by Morgan Jones.

Caption: MLK and “The Maze.”

More D.C.

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groceries, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

Lester Carey — more here — on Oretha Castle Haley at MLK, New Orleans.