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Development (or not) in Dallas

Dallas Observer checks up on the MLK Blvd Business Facade / Revitalization Program in that city and finds that it doesn’t exist. [Item uses an image culled from this site (and properly credited) — kinda cool.]

MLK Day on MLK (in Baltimore)

Baltimore, 2010, originally uploaded by Alan Barr.

More great images of Baltimore’s MLK Day celebrations in Alan Barr’s photostream.

MLK Day, on MLK

MLK parade on MLK, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

From a great set, MLK Day 2010, from New Orleans, today. A few more from the set, below.

MLK parade on MLK, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

MLK parade on MLK, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

MLK and S Claiborne, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

Touring Chicago’s “Bronzeville”

bronzeville mural, originally uploaded by sassnasty.

“On mlk drive,” notes the caption of this image, from a set called Bronzeville Hoods Jan 16 2010, which documents a walking tour through a section of Chicago, Bronzeville, that encompasses a section of that city’s MLK.

a chicken. and a waffle. , originally uploaded by sassnasty.

Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles.

At 26th & MLK. The caption notes: “He’s covered in shoe soles. not feathers.”


_CMP4938, originally uploaded by LA • DE • DA.

From a set apparently documenting development in Berkeley:

MLK and University Ave., Berkeley CA

There are essentially two different buildings on the site. One is the yellow (Ochre) color with terracotta details, the other is a shingle craftsman style. The craftsman building is the one on the Berkeley Way which is a residential street. The yellow building is on the University Ave.

Trader Joe’s will be on the ground floor of the yellow building on the University and MLK corner. Yali’s cafe (name?) will be on the ground floor of the craftsman building at Berkeley Way and MLK. Continue reading


Is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service. More here.

MLK & the boardwalk, Atlantic City

Peanut World on a Cold Winter Day, originally uploaded by iirraa.

The caption: “The sun was out so it wasn’t that bad. The temperature was probably around 30F (-1C). I think that this used to be the Planter’s Peanut store.”