Monthly Archives: March 2010

In Milwaukee

Fein Bros., originally uploaded by mister_scantastic.

Caption explains: “Former furniture store, now restaurant supply store. King Drive, Milwaukee.”

Bay Area call to action

originally uploaded by allaboutgeorge.
Look closely and the poster reads: “NO CUTS TO EDUCATION! Mass rally against the budget cuts. March 4, 5pm, Civic Center San Francisco…”
That’s tomorrow!

Corner of LaSalle in New Orleans: Now, and before

Originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

Recent image of a New Orleans MLK corner.

And here is the same place, in 2003:

La Salle2, originally uploaded by R. Walker.


Feb110039, originally uploaded by JohnFilm.

Caption: “This is a close view from my favorite chair while I’m at work. It cracks my back in like the perfect place. This is the sign to the coffee shop I work the graveyard at.”