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Columbus, GA

Columbus, GA, originally uploaded by R. Walker.

From a recent trip to Columbus, GA. Two more after the jump.

Columbus, GA, originally uploaded by R. Walker.

Portland billboard

Untitled, originally uploaded by bumbarrels.


Super Sunday on MLK

originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

“Super Sunday” is a Mardi Gras Indian event in New Orleans. These images, above and below, from this year on New Orleans’ MLK. More on Lester Carey earlier here.

originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

Caption says: “lester told me that before the storm indians in the calliope would use his drawings as patterns for their beading.”


MLK Way, originally uploaded by Dougerino.



Prudential, originally uploaded by Proph Bundy.

FromĀ  “Forgotten Atlanta.” A series of photos documenting the forgotten parts of Atlanta. The long gone and forgotten foreclosed homes and low income public housing projects/apartments.

For more info visit You can find the entire series here:

Famous Cakes, originally uploaded by brucedene.

A delightful space. Caption explains:

Tony’s Bakery, MLK & South Graham near the Joy Palace, which is a restaurant, not a massage parlor. Their white fish banh mi nurtures peace and understanding in the world.


Originally uploaded by Matt Kowal.

NE Martin Luther King Blvd – Portland, Oregon – March, 2011