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MLK Fashion Plaza, Portland

Untitled by brandonfwilsonUntitled, a photo by brandonfwilson on Flickr.

“I Do Love Portland”

Redefining Art by Jeff Willams-GiffordRedefining Art, a photo by Jeff Willams-Gifford on Flickr.

I spotted this up on a building on MLK Blvd. this morning while driving during work. As soon as I got off this afternoon, I headed back to get a few shots before it’s goes away. The “art” part has been there for at least a year. The addition of the “F” is quite recent. Too funny not to post. I do love Portland.


99E by Curtis Gregory Perry
99E, a photo by Curtis Gregory Perry on Flickr.

Debating Portland’s MLK

“King Boulevard has serious problems”: bikes and autos, constructive conflict and public policy, in our fair city.:

This week, Larry Bingham of the Oregonian/ has a write-up of the Portland Development Commission’s plans for the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Gateway, and the problems that pedestrian activists foresee with the soon-coming Gateway.  Mr. Bingham has done a good job covering North and Northeast Portland for the paper/website in recent months, giving folks in N/NE a chance to be heard on various issues in our local daily paper.

The MLK Gateway project will authorize the construction of a pedestrian plaza on the island where Grand meets Hancock, as Grand curves to meet MLK Boulevard.  The plaza will sit behind a steel wall that runs along the island on its Grand Street side; on the wall will be a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Somewhat useful schematics of this hard-to-describe site are here: &

Read the rest of this item on MLK IN MOTION, which tracks the changes to MLK in Portland, OR.

Portland billboard

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NE Martin Luther King Blvd – Portland, Oregon – March, 2011


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In Portland, OR.



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Portland businesses

Head in a Box, originally uploaded by sugarpacketchad.

Above: “This is a Media Company on MLK in Portland, Oregon,” reports the caption. Below, a restaurant.

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Portland corner

DSC_0986, originally uploaded by itsanikon.

Corner of MLK & Shaver in Portland. This looks new, and the current (as of this posting) Google Street View of the corner shows the building still under construction.