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The rap soundtrack backing this video of souped-up/tricked-out car gathering, evidently on Houston’s MLK Blvd., contains assorted profanities. So proceed at your own discretion. Couple more short videos after the jump.

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IMG_3813.JPG, originally uploaded by muychingon.


black forest theatre, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

“1920 mlk jr. blvd., dallas, texas,” notes _cheryl, who has contributed earlier nice images from Dallas — and Austin, too.

From New Orleans

mlk grocery, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken
Quite a number of great images from New Orleans’ MLK came into the pool recently from anthony turducken. Hard to choose favorite but here are a couple, more after the jump. Check out the entire MLK Central City set here.

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Signs 029, originally uploaded by LaSunset.

One of several enjoyable MLK shots by LaSunset. This one is also cool.