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Dallas Sign

The building’s long gone, but the sign still stands! On MLK Boulevard, just west of I-45.


99E by Curtis Gregory Perry
99E, a photo by Curtis Gregory Perry on Flickr.


Until now, this has been one of those “I always see this sign from the freeway, but never stop there” places. So, now, I finally can say I’ve stopped at the historic Forest Theater in south Dallas. From what I read, the theater opened in 1947 here at 1920 Martin Luther King Boulevard. In recent years — from 2003 until 2008 (or 2009 maybe?) — singer Erykah Badu leased the building, calling it the “Black Forest Theater,” striving to operate a community center out of it; Dallas Observer stories praise Ms. Badu’s efforts to revitalize the area, but apparently the cost of keeping the theater’s doors open became too much for her to bear. The building’s currently for lease. (Note: I realize that taking photos upward into the midday sun is not ideal, but the middle of the day is when I stopped by the theater!)

Seattle Ride

Austin Story

this shell station has been out of business for a long time now, which is odd given its prime location at the intersection of mlk and guadalupe. the cost of unleaded was $3.09 when it closed, and i continued to be occasionally fooled into brief excitement when i’d see such a low price on their marquee.

this morning i stopped at the 7-eleven catty-cornered to it and heard a powerful rumble. i looked over to find the awning crumpling like aluminum foil. twice a large piece was lifted then dropped in a different location, and the impact was thunderous.

when i was in the area again four hours later all was quiet. it was around 13:00, so maybe they were at lunch. it kinda looks like the building was damaged in the process.

this before and after amuses me since the change in perspective makes it a seem at first glance that the tower and dobie have been demolished as well. in the spirit of remaining low-tech with my instagram pictures, i just put these together in paint. (though really, paint can achieve quite a lot.)

6/26/12, 08:55 & 12:58

title: “changes,” tupac
(tom├ís only exposed me to this song within the past year after i played bruce hornsby’s version once. that’s just how lame and white i am.)