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Regal, originally uploaded by skomra.

“On the soon to be demolished living color building at mlk and alberta in portland oregon. This site will soon be a corporate chain gym,” observes skomra, who links to this article for more.

Below: A recent image from skomra’s MLK Blvd set.


Originally uploaded by skomra.


“Flocking” to MLK in Milwaukee

Tannette Johnson-Elie of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes that African American professionals are “flocking to” the MLK in that city, creating “a thriving neighborhood ecomony” and “fueling an economic renaissance” in the area:

Nowhere else in Milwaukee will you find such an array of black-owned professional service firms concentrated in one neighborhood as you will find on King Drive, a street that finally is living up to its celebrated name. It’s the kind of neighborhood reinvestment that city leaders take pride in.

Here’s the whole column.