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In Portland, OR.


MLKs: Data presented

Hope Chu, currently completing a master’s in graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design, finished a cool project last spring:  A catalog of some 90 streets named after Martin Luther King, Jr., with some geographic, demographic and polling metadata incorporated. Check it out here.

Here’s Chu’s statement:

Martin Luther King, Jr
A typology of 90 of the over 700 streets, avenues, boulevards, highways, roads, &c named in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr, in the United States. Each street is abstracted to a simple black line, and sorted by type of street. Information about the length of the street, the African American population of the area, and the voting results of the district in the 2008 presidential election is also included. This catalogue explores the effect (or non-effect) of honoring this historical figure in such a prosaic manner and with such proliferation.

Keli Dailey video: “Destination Martin Luther King”

A very nice video, via MLK In Motion, has this description on YouTube:

Give yourself plenty of time to see the uneasiest street in America.

You can take pictures next to cars with trash bags for windows or near pit bulls guarding women twisting braids in their front yards. You can catch black vendors outside the Apollo Theatre hissing “devil” at tourists or spend an afternoon with a man named Dawg clutching a fistful of crack.

In Portland and Harlem and points between, go find a street named Martin Luther King.

I know you’ve been told to avoid it. Chris Rock even has a joke that essentially goes:

“If a friend calls you and says ‘I’m lost. I’m on Martin Luther King Boulevard’ and they want to know what to do, the best response is, ‘Run!’ ”

Well, I’ve toured them, and I’ve had to run only a couple of times.

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