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New Orleans

Some time back, tempey had some very interesting Flickr images of the MLK in New Orleans. Though later removed from his Flickr stream, they appear here thanks to Tempey’s generosity. Check more of his New Orleans photography here.
Above, a shot of the Safeway market. Below, images of BW Cooper, the housing project more commonly known by its old name, Calliope. It’s one of the many projects in New Orleans that have been torn down of late.


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south MLK, originally uploaded by beatneck.

Catption: “The Otto E. Eckert power station sits behind the recently demolished Oldsmobile plant and northbound MLK… — Lansing, MI.”

From the set Lansing, by beatneck.

San Antonio

old school, originally uploaded by _cheryl.

Another excellent contribution from _cheryl.

Greensboro, NC

A bit more on Portland

Taking a closer look at MLK In Motion, it’s definitely a site to keep an eye on. This post quotes Mayor Tom Potter: “My personal goal is to make Portland’s Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard the best Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the United States.” Presumably that goal is something that would take some change to achieve, and with change often comes conflict and uncertainty, as well as hope.

So MLK In Motion has a great subject to zero in on — the street does seem to be in motion, and will be that way for a while.

A couple of recent posts of interests give a sense of the approach.

This post notes that The Miracles Club, “a center for drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment,” and plans for it to move from MLK location to another.

And here’s a post documenting one brief stretch of MLK, beetween Beech and Failing. (Amazing that there’s a street called Failing, by the by.) Two snaps from that post below, see the full post for details.

Portland’s MLK in close focus

spiffin, originally uploaded by heddalee.

This site has received a surprisingly high number of submissions from Portland, OR. Or actually, it’s not surprising: The MLK in Portland is one of the most interesting around, because of the rapid change happening there, and the apparently mixed feelings in some quarters about how that’s playing out.

Turns out there is an excellent, blog, with plenty of photos, devoted specifically to that MLK: Check out MLK In Motion. It’s a fantastic example of using blogging tools to do something serious and worthwhile.