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Double J Tire Center

A nice sign at 6841 MLK in Portland, from MLK In Motion.


mlk, originally uploaded by The Powers.

In Savannah, GA.

“Good in the Neighborhood”

Corner Nine, originally uploaded by pleasant streets.

This image (from Portland, OR’s MLK) also appears in a very cool pleasant streets set title “Expired Film.”

The caption:

“A great day in the NE towards the end of June 08′. Cars were bouncin, grills were burning, and temps were in the 90’s. It was ‘Good in the Neighborhood’ and my first time experiencing the festivities. You have to love summer in NE PDX. Smiles were abundant with every passing car.

“After this it was bbq ribs and potato salad while sipping ice cold lemonade under a shade tree, and echoes of funk reverberating through the school yard. A great day!”

Atlantic City, NJ

Corner of MLK and Atlantic Ave, originally uploaded by iirraa.


Ashby super market, originally uploaded by 974toCali.

In Berkeley, CA. Amazing look.

More from STL

MLK & Glascow 01.JPG, originally uploaded by Vanishing STL.

It’s been a while since Urban Review STL‘s ongoing documentation of St. Louis has touched upon the MLK there. For more see earlier posts here and here.

MLK & Glascow 02.JPG, originally uploaded by Vanishing STL.

MLK & Glascow 03.JPG, originally uploaded by Vanishing STL.

Des Moines

An image, of course, taken during the recent flooding, technically it’s of Euclid Ave, but shows a stretch between Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, and the river. Queenshakenbake’s set of flood images is here.