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New Orleans

central city market by anthonyturducken
central city market, a photo by anthonyturducken on Flickr.

“Vision Tax”

vision tax by anthonyturducken
vision tax, a photo by anthonyturducken on Flickr.

New Orleans

MLK on MLK by anthonyturducken
MLK on MLK, a photo by anthonyturducken on Flickr.

New Orleans

corner store on MLK by anthonyturducken
corner store on MLK, a photo by anthonyturducken on Flickr.

At Lasalle…

New Orleans

A row of buildings along MLK in New Orleans, from this recent Preservation Resource Center set.

One more from N.O.

car wash, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

Above: “Artist Lester Carey – sign at intersection of MLK and simon bolivar.”

More on Carey here.

New construction: New Orleans

MLK & Saratoga

Super Sunday on MLK

originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

“Super Sunday” is a Mardi Gras Indian event in New Orleans. These images, above and below, from this year on New Orleans’ MLK. More on Lester Carey earlier here.

originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

Caption says: “lester told me that before the storm indians in the calliope would use his drawings as patterns for their beading.”

Carey sign, New Orleans

breakfast plates 99c, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

“Artist lester carey,” says the caption. More on Carey here.


groceries, originally uploaded by anthonyturducken.

Lester Carey — more here — on Oretha Castle Haley at MLK, New Orleans.