Monthly Archives: November 2008

MLK Way, Seattle

Jack’s Payless Generators Foods, originally uploaded by rutlo.

Three images from a very interesting set by rutlo, titled, MLK Way: Empire Rebuilt. (Seattle’s “MLK Way used to be known as Empire Way until the late 1980’s,” rutlo writes.)

The caption on the above image: “A variety store in South Seattle…”

Caption: “No amount of completely obvious happy generic ethnic ladies dancing will cheer up this dour street corner.”

Restaurant, originally uploaded by rutlo.

“Just restaurant.”

New Orleans

This image of the previously mentioned Palms Motel, in New Orleans, comes from the Central City set of the Preservation Resource Center, Advocacy Department‘s photostream, which is well worth exploration if you are interested in New Orleans.

Window shopping

Election (3)

VOTE, originally uploaded by dj denim.

“One of the best Obama posters I have seen. Displayed at Dr. Martin Luther King and Page.”

Election day (2)

KIng’s Best and Obama T-Shirts, originally uploaded by rhaaga.

Caption: “On November 4th (election day) these guys were selling t-shirts in front of King’s Best Flea Market on MLK Blvd. Everybody could the excitement growing.”

Election day

Originally uploaded by tcastlen.