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Portland businesses

Head in a Box, originally uploaded by sugarpacketchad.

Above: “This is a Media Company on MLK in Portland, Oregon,” reports the caption. Below, a restaurant.

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Portland corner

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Corner of MLK & Shaver in Portland. This looks new, and the current (as of this posting) Google Street View of the corner shows the building still under construction.

Portland detail

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Portland Record Shop

The ever-impressive MLK In Motion, documenting changes on Portland’s MLK, has an interesting post: “A few weeks ago, 99ยข Records opened at 2940 NE MLK, until recently the address for the Idealist Financial Services.” More here.

Portland Mural

Mural, originally uploaded by sonarbison.

“Martin Luther King Blvd. in Portland, Oregon.”

On Porltand’s MLK In Motion

Earlier this summer, the Oregonian published this interesting article about Alan Silver, who runs a great blog called MLK In Motion focused on Portland’s MLK:

Silver, a 38-year-old blogger and amateur historian, is perhaps the least likely tour guide for what used to be the heart of first immigrant and then black Portland. He’s a burly, sweet-natured white guy from Southern New Jersey with no background in planning or research, just an instinct for storytelling and an unusual interest in his adopted hometown’s backstory.

“I tell people it’s my hobby,” he says. “Really, if I’m honest, I’m kind of in love with the place.”

Read the whole thing — lots of pictures, even video — here.