Austin Story

this shell station has been out of business for a long time now, which is odd given its prime location at the intersection of mlk and guadalupe. the cost of unleaded was $3.09 when it closed, and i continued to be occasionally fooled into brief excitement when i’d see such a low price on their marquee.

this morning i stopped at the 7-eleven catty-cornered to it and heard a powerful rumble. i looked over to find the awning crumpling like aluminum foil. twice a large piece was lifted then dropped in a different location, and the impact was thunderous.

when i was in the area again four hours later all was quiet. it was around 13:00, so maybe they were at lunch. it kinda looks like the building was damaged in the process.

this before and after amuses me since the change in perspective makes it a seem at first glance that the tower and dobie have been demolished as well. in the spirit of remaining low-tech with my instagram pictures, i just put these together in paint. (though really, paint can achieve quite a lot.)

6/26/12, 08:55 & 12:58

title: “changes,” tupac
(tomás only exposed me to this song within the past year after i played bruce hornsby’s version once. that’s just how lame and white i am.)


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