_CMP4938, originally uploaded by LA • DE • DA.

From a set apparently documenting development in Berkeley:

MLK and University Ave., Berkeley CA

There are essentially two different buildings on the site. One is the yellow (Ochre) color with terracotta details, the other is a shingle craftsman style. The craftsman building is the one on the Berkeley Way which is a residential street. The yellow building is on the University Ave.

Trader Joe’s will be on the ground floor of the yellow building on the University and MLK corner. Yali’s cafe (name?) will be on the ground floor of the craftsman building at Berkeley Way and MLK. There are two different underground parking lots – one for TJ’s and one for the 148 (not sure that’s the exact #) residential units. There is a courtyard between the buildings which apparently is going to be beautifully landscaped. The roof will also have beautiful landscaping. The building’s details are going to be added in the next few months. The ground exterior will have quite a bit of tile work which is kind of a trademark of Kirk Peterson, the Architect.

The building is due to open in early June.


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