New Orleans follow-up

The prior post, about Lester Carey, mentioned his hand-lettering that has been painted over on a particular defunct store on New Orleans’ MLK.

This was store was a going concern pre-Katrina. Here it is as it looked approximately two years after the flood.

Safe Way Supermarket, originally uploaded by skeletonkrewe.

The caption: “I think the proper name of this store is Six Brothers Safe Way Supermarket. It flooded during the storm, about 4 feet of water, it has since been stripped of it’s copper wire and anything else that might have value. It’s slowing returning to the earth waiting to be torn down…..”

Below a more recent image.

Apparently the building remains vacant.
These images were linked to earlier, but not shown.
Karen Apricot New Orleans also added a number of other interesting images to the pool, and those will be highlighted here soon.


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