A bit more on Portland

Taking a closer look at MLK In Motion, it’s definitely a site to keep an eye on. This post quotes Mayor Tom Potter: “My personal goal is to make Portland’s Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard the best Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the United States.” Presumably that goal is something that would take some change to achieve, and with change often comes conflict and uncertainty, as well as hope.

So MLK In Motion has a great subject to zero in on — the street does seem to be in motion, and will be that way for a while.

A couple of recent posts of interests give a sense of the approach.

This post notes that The Miracles Club, “a center for drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment,” and plans for it to move from MLK location to another.

And here’s a post documenting one brief stretch of MLK, beetween Beech and Failing. (Amazing that there’s a street called Failing, by the by.) Two snaps from that post below, see the full post for details.


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