6×9 revival2 4.jpg, originally uploaded by blitzcat.

These images arrived in the MLK BLVD Flickr pool over the weekend, and they surely stand out. The photographer, blitzcat (Matt), says:

These were taken at the corner of MLK and Douglas Street in Greensboro, NC. When I came into my neighborhood on a rainy weeknight, the tent was up, so I grabbed my meter, 6×9 camera and monopod and walked back to the tent. The people were curious as I set up, but I smiled back at everyone and they kept on singing and testifying. After I took a few frames, I sat in until they finished for the night. The revival went on for two weeks, and I think it was Shiloh Baptist Church here in Greensboro.

More of his images from the revival are here; his Flickr stream here; and his Livejournal photo blog here.

6×9 revival2 5.jpg, originally uploaded by blitzcat.



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