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More Portland

Oregon Convention Center, originally uploaded by borenan.

“Oregon Convention Center from the corner of Martin Luther King and Multnomah Blvd,” part of a Portland set from borenan.

A different view, coincidentally of the same statue and context, but by a different photographer, is below.

With several different batches of images coming from Portland, OR, it may be interesting to note that developments on that city’s MLK Blvd. have been the subject of some press attention this year. In January 2007, Willamette Week interviewed Anita Smith, owner of Hanna Bea’s. Excerpts:

When Smith took over one corner of the decaying boulevard at Northeast Shaver Street in 2002 for her dessert mecca and restaurant, “snobby skeptics” questioned the viability of her location, Smith says….

What was once considered financially risky seems far less so today; for example, the gentrification-friendly Terroir wine bar is scheduled to open on MLK in May.

The worry, Smith says, is that gentrification will push out black-owned businesses like hers. She can point to a history in Portland in which decades of racist real-estate practices limited black families to Northeast Portland.

The symbolism of the street’s name, of course, makes its redevelopment that much more important to African-American business owners like Smith.

“How’s it going to be MLK Boulevard without MLK businesses?” Smith asks. “If you have an MLK Boulevard, you have to have nice, respectable places that represent his culture.”


MLK & Holladay, originally uploaded by ray+an.

“Part of my photography final,” expains ray+an. (Her personal favorites set here; her blog Cardboard Condominium here.) “Statue on the corner of NE MLK & Holladay in Portland, OR. I like the effect the flag made with the slower shutter speed.”